Friday, July 1, 2016

Have You Seen Lynda?

Image result for free image for , that is!

*As of last November, NIU provides all students, staff, and faculty with this service. You can read DoIT’s introductory write up here.
Today’s blog post intends to “introduce” you to, in case you haven’t tried this tool.

Basically, is pretty cool. Here’s how it works.

You log in with your student or employee ID and its corresponding password. You get to either through NIU’s A-Z link or by typing in your browser’s address bar.

This site contains many video tutorials. Most are mini-courses, taking an hour to several hours to complete, but each course is broken up into minutes-sized segments. You do not need to view an entire course. Each course includes a transcript and exercise files, should you wish to practice a specific task. And keeps track of your viewing history and place.

I suggest that you start by hovering over the library button on the top banner next to the name, and browse the larger categories of Business, Design, Education and Elearning, Photography, Video, Web, etc. Each of these categories breaks down into specific topics and applicable software tutorials. If you click on the library button, you will get an A – Z listing of the larger categories’ subtopics and the number of tutorials available for each.

Within the subtopics, you can select specific applicable software tutorials or a specific author to see all of his/her videos. You also choose a skill level from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Appropriate for all.

How can help with a thesis or dissertation?

Well, it can’t—not directly. However, most of us are preparing our documents in Word. 
The Thesis Office receives a lot of formatting questions for Word, but we find that students have different versions of Word running through different operating systems on computers that are purchased from all over the world; these often have unusual default settings. Add Word’s styles and hidden formatting into that mix, and sometimes, it’s hard to untangle what is going on in a document.

Also, is available twenty-four hours; while we try to respond to any inquiry quickly, we can’t always help you right when you’d like. 

So we want to direct you to the 59 Word Processing courses containing 2647 video tutorials on  

Don’t be overwhelmed with those numbers; you can search for specific tutorials on any issue. For instance, I searched: “inserting page breaks in Word 2013,” and though I received two thousand results, I could see quickly that the top five were most applicable. You may want to look through some of the various courses’ tables of contents just to get ideas about how to phrase your searches too.

There is more to; I’ve only begun to explore the site. Our office will provide you with updates as we discover any helpful tips.

Have fun exploring, and feel free to post a reply on this blog post or on Facebook if you have found or find anything helpful there.We'd love to hear from you.